A Miracle for Gersi

Gersi Ordonez TalomeGersi Ordonez and her twin sister were raised in one of the worst slums in Guatemala and had witnessed terrible gang violence. Her face was damaged as a young child (around age 1) The trauma crushed her facial bones and severed her nerves including the nerves to her eye (making her blind in that eye). She was not taken to the doctor at the time and developed an infection. It has always been her dream to be able to have a more normal appearance and be able to smile! Our partner organization Orphan Outreach has done all of the legwork to allow surgery to change her life. And here’s the miracle. All of the doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists have agree to perform surgery for free. We just need to raise $18,200 (reduced exponentially) to pay for her hospital stay.

There will be three procedures to get to the finish line. First is the surgery by Dr. Barcelo, Dr. Trone and Dr. Corona at Forest Park Surgery Center in Dallas Texas. They will remove Gersi’s eye, build her nasal septum (by taking part of her rib) and rebuild her cheekbone. Dr. Trone explained the process and it’s amazing that it all is done fairly quickly. She should only need to stay in the hospital overnight but she will need two weeks of recovery/staying there so they can see her to make sure there is no infection. She will then return to Guatemala. There the second procedure will take place in a Guatemalan hospital where she will get an artificial eye. Then this fall, with reanimation surgery in the United States, Gersi will be able smile once again for the first time since she was 1 year old.

GersiThis surgery would ordinarily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Instead, with God’s grace and the doctors and nurses donating their time, the entire cost is only $18,200.

We need your help to fund this life altering surgery. Please go to the World Orphan Fund donation page today, choose Gersi from the pull down designation menu and make donation.

Thanks and God bless!

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