A New Toddler House in Honduras

I’m pleased to announce that the World Ophan Fund is helping build a new Toddler House at Orphanage Emmanuel (OE) in Guaimaca, Honduras. They will break ground in September or October.

kids staff Less than a year ago a dedicated team from Emmanuel brought about 70 new toddlers from an overcrowded orphange 6.5 hours away. My youngest sponsor child came from that Ophanage. He’s a beautiful and happy boy, but he was clearly abused early in life and came with a host of issues from his tramautic first 3 years of life. Thank God there are loving places like Emmanuel for children like him.

The cost to build the house is $45,000 and it can house 70 kids. Can you imagine that? Some people in the U.S. spend that much for a car!

The World Orphan Fund has committed $20,000 toward this project and OE has another $9,000 pledged. That leaves them $16,000 short and we at the World Orphan Fund are helping them find it.

If you’d like to donate to help build this house just click here. You can make a secure donation online and help make a difference in the lives of these wonderful children.

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