A Note from Casa Bernabé

image-1Enclosed are several pics, I think speak simply for themselves, from Casa Bernabé’s new Culinary Vocational program. These are 14-18 year old girls. This is, of course, 1 of 3 programs your World Orphan Fund has provided for that started last month. Again, we thank you for helping us begin our first vocation program in our 30 year existence.

When Guatemala adoptions were open to US citizens, this program was not needed, as many children were adopted long before they needed any vocation training. Now, sadly, with adoptions having been closed for 6 years, we have had to revamp. The children are aging out. While we provide education in our on-site school, many will not have attained more than a 8-9th grade education for having missed early years of school, pre-Casa Bernabé.

image Our culinary vocational instructor is Cantonese/ Guatemalan. She is a solid Christian lady who loves these girls and wants them to prosper. She has skills at a level we could never have afforded, but she is the best and what God brought us! This week she is teaching the girls practicality with, “If you owned a small restaurant, what can you create for your menu with only the food currently on your shelf?” Pretty amazing! Thanks again, World Orphan Fund, for blessing these children in the way you have provided. It is changing their lives.

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