Angeles Custodios is an orphanage run by the Carmelite Sisters of the Sacred Heart in La Ceja, Colombia and cares for 80 children. Government authorities threatened to shut down the home unless they made major updates to their existing kitchen and bathroom. While the orphanage had enough funding to maintain the care of the children, construction expenses would have bankrupted the order. The World Orphan Fund provided the $35,000 necessary to fund the project.

trucksAt Angeles Custodios in La Ceja, Colombia, their clothes washers were broken again. They weren’t designed for heavy use, and they were paying two  employees wash clothes by hand for the 80 children living there. For a $2,000 investment they could buy new semi-industrial washing machines, saving $2,820 in wages.

Farmers near the home donate fruits and vegetables for the children, drastically reducing what they must spend for food. The orphanage had an older model truck to pick up these donations, but it was in need of $9,100 in repairs. A new diesel truck would cost $20,000 and save $1,200 in lower fuel costs, but was out of reach with their annual budget of $120,000.  The World Orphan Fund granted the necessary resources, saving the orphanage thousands of dollars. The return on investment was less than two years.