In July of 2015 we visited AHOPE, an orphanage for 205 HIV children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. They’re doing everything right, and one of the most important thing they do is ¬†working to keep families intact.

During our visit we met Ashebir Kifetew, who is HIV positive. His father was a solider who died in action, and when his mother died in an accident his oldest brother took guardianship of his three younger siblings, including Ashebir.

With a microfinance loan from the orphanage, the family of children built a weaving business to support themselves. Ashebir is now in the 11th grade and wants to become a doctor so he can help others with chronic illnesses like his.

The orphanage is struggling financially,  with of the main costs $75,000 a year to rent their buildings and homes. We learned that with a matching grant of $200,000 we can help them to build a new campus all in one place and rent-free. Once completed, the elimination of the annual rental cost will enable them to help kids like Ashebir for years to come.

This Project is not fully funded. Need: $50,000.