1531684_10153144217717222_7469491032520774783_oHogar de Amor, in partnership with another charity, began the construction of a children’s home, which would house ten orphaned children and two house parents. Working with local tradespeople, the construction progressed as funds were available. When there was a need to place orphans in the home more quickly than anticipated, the World Orphan Fund provided a grant of $16,00 to finish the home.


Hope House, located in Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos, Mexico is dedicated to providing abandoned, abused, orphaned and poverty-stricken boys (ages 8-18) with a safe and loving home and the opportunity to receive an education, learn a trade skill and mature socially and developmentally.

Many boys are sent by government agencies in Jalisco, Mexico to stay while permanent housing is found, a process that can can several years. The home provides both foster and permanent care.

In 2014, Hope House was facing significant financial challenges and was unable to continue providing the psychological counseling necessary for the boys. The World Orphan Fund provided a one-year grant to fund a counselor.