Facial Resconstruction Surgery – My Special Treasure Orphanage

Gersi Ordonez hasn’t had muGersich to smile about in her life. In fact, a serious injury to her face made it impossible for her to smile at all. When Gersi was very little, she was the victim of a trauma she does not remember, leaving the right side of her face paralyzed and drooping from severe nerve damage. Her nose bone was crushed badly, she is blind in her right eye and couldn’t move the right side of her mouth.


It had always been her dream to simply be able to smile, but the surgeries she needed would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Then doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists in Dallas agreed to perform the surgeries for free. They just needed someone to cover the cost of the hospital and supplies. For $16,500 the World Orphan Fund was able to fund Gersi’s surgeries beginning in July of 2014. Following her surgeries Gersi was able to smile for the first time since she was 12 months old.