Vocational Training – Multiple Orphanages Guatemala


One reason for high youth unemployment across the world – and in particularly in developing countries – is a growing mismatch between the supply and demand for skilled workers.

This is an even more serious problem for third world orphans, where many leave orphan homes without marketable skills, training or transition support. The result is an alarming failure rate as children resort to crime, prostitution and gangs simply to survive.

That’s why the World Orphan Fund is so committed to supporting vocational and transition programs wherever and whenever possible.

Since 2007, Tim and Sharie Martiny’s Skills for Life Foundation has provided vocational educational training to orphaned and impoverished children in Guatemala City. Tim and Sharie serve as missionaries, and their goal is to provide students with practical life skills that enable them to achieve a better quality of life and acquire gainful employment.

Their model, like ours, has no administrative costs, overhead or salaries. 100% goes to help orphaned children reach their full potential.

They asked for our help to expand their vocational training efforts, and we were pleased to offer them a matching grant to support programs including woodworking, culinary arts and pre-engineering. The funds purchased equipment and course supplies.