Surfing Nuns

In their wildest dreams, the girls at Home of Hope Orphanage in Kochi, India probably never thought about learning to surf, to say nothing of the nuns who care for them. But a story in the Star News tells how 27 girls and 3 Nuns got the experence of  a lifetime.

Surf Hope 001
Catching a wave, April 19 2011

The safari was the brain child of Jack Viorel, of Jax Surf Charities and Paul Wilkes, executive director of Homes for Hope India-U.S. Homes for Hope is a great organization.
Thanks to volunteers from the University of North Carolina and others from the Willmington area, the second annual Surfing Safari successfully took place in the Arabian Sea.

Surf Hope 3
Lessons at the Arabian Sea

The idea of teaching orphans to surf is inspired. The fact that they were able to convince the nuns at the orphanage to allow it was a miracle. Not only did they allow it, they participated in full habit.

Sister Surf
A Nun surfs in India

You have to love how the Lord works.

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