Vaya Con Dios Gabriella

She Had You at Hello

We all loved the toddlers at Orphanage Emmanuel. In fact Junior, who has the most infectious smile on the planet, was a toddler we picked out to sponsor. I can’t wait to see him again in May.
Keeley and Junior (3) Keeley and Junior

Another toddler we met on our first day at the orphanage was Gabby, who had been there for about six months. You quickly learned that once you picked up and hugged Gabby there was no going back.  One night Frank Waggoner, a dentist who gives free dental care to the children, came walking up from the clinic with Gabby on his shoulders. As he walked toward us she recognzed me, flashed that heart melting smile and put out her arms to be held. I felt like human velcro. Gabby has that love for all everyone she welcomes into her life.

Keeley and I were so happy when Frank and Tracy Waggoner decided to sponsor her.  For them it was love at first sight, and they are two of the most wonderful people any child could hope to have in their lives.

We recently learned that Gabby has been reunited with her mother. We pray that she has a happy life filled with love and laughter. We also pray for Tracy and Frank. While we know they are happy and hopeful for Gabby, in a real way they were saying goodbye to their own child.167794_587065156584_202307591_33066359_1678008_n

Vaya con Dios Gabriella.

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