Wait a Minute, You’re Catholic?

 I may lose a few FaceBook friends over this post, but if so, we’ll probably both be better of because of it.

IMG_3984 I have been talking with a new missionary friend about our trip to Guatemala in December.  In the course of conversation I asked him if he knew of orphanages that needed help there.

We work with several Orphanages in Guatemala. I will look into their needs and get back to you. What are the requirements and or qualifications for you ministry to consider working with an orphanage?

I told him our criteria, none of which mentioned denomination, so I was surprised at the next question: OK great so denominational affiliation does not matter? For example, we minister in an orphanage for children with HIV in Guatemala, but it is part of the local Catholic church.

I was blown away. Do people really filter by denomination when it comes to God’s abandoned children? Clearly he had run across it in his work.

Psalm 27:10 says: When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up. It doesn’t say I’ll only take them up if they’re Protestant or Catholic.

I don’t blame people for supporting institutions that are tied to a particular denomination. I do take issue with calling yourself a missionary for the Lord and somehow in the process forgetting that He loves ALL of his children.

At the World Orphan Fund, denomination will NEVER, EVER be a factor in deciding where to help orphaned children.

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