Completed Projects

Matching Grant Transition House and Staff – Eagles Nest

Eagles Nest was originally planned as temporary housing for children birth to 6 years old, until they could be placed in families. After the almost complete shutdown of adoptions due to widespread corruption, they became more of a transition home with a permanent population. Children are placed at Eagles Nest through the court system. Now…

Vocational Training – Casa Bernabe

Casa Bernabe, an orphanage in Guatemala City, had the necessary infrastructure for vocational training for the 150 children living there. The problem was they couldn’t afford the teachers. The World Orphan Fund began funding three teachers for welding, cosmetology and culinary arts for three years.  With the excitement from early success, they have recently found…

Vocational Training – Orphanage Emmanuel

In third world countries like Honduras, employment options are limited even when you have the stability of a family, but as an orphan the failure-to-succeed rate can exceed 90%. We funded the first vocational training program at Orphanage Emmanuel. Programs include sewing, computer repair, electrical, and plumbing.

University Scholarships

The World Orphan Fund has a scholarship program to assist students attending university in both the US and their home countries. We work together with sponsors and orphanage homes on a case-by-case basis.

Vocational Training – Multiple Orphanages Guatemala

One reason for high youth unemployment across the world – and in particularly in developing countries – is a growing mismatch between the supply and demand for skilled workers. This is an even more serious problem for third world orphans, where many leave orphan homes without marketable skills, training or transition support. The result is…